Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009


THIS MENUE IS A CONTRIBUTION TO THE ONE YEAR CELEBRATION OF THE GIN BASIL SMASH AND A TRIBUTE TO THE CULINARY ART, AMONG FURTHER MORE, OF THE HIGHLY ESTEEMEED JÖRG MEYER STARRING LE MARTINI DIJONNAIS Mustard Liqueur, French Vermouth, Dry Gin, Celery Bitters The fantastic Mustard Liqueur discovery by Dominik Galander. Yes, your host at the Galander in Berlin. This fine liqueur with hints of cucumber and dill stands at 21° abv and needs just a good splash of dry Vermouth and a hint from the queen of spirits. And finally some class, sugested by The International Playboy Bartender; AW. JIM RAUKE SMASH Dry Gin, Rocket Leaves, Lemon, Sugar The herbal Rough-Rabbit Berlin-Version of the flowery Hamburg counterpart. ORGANIC DETOX Dry Gin, Basil, Red Beet, Lemon, Sugar The red beeted variation of the Hamburg Original. Addapted to environMental Kreuzberg. Brown Sugar to start. Then Organic Lemon, Organic Basil and Organic Red Garden Beet Juice. Finaly and mainly, very very Dry Gin. For the Detox, of course. TROUBADOURE Egg White, Saffron Gin, Orange Curaçao, Lime, Rosemary, Gomme This is a Cock-Tail, remember. So we take the White of a Chiken-Egg. Furthermore a Boudier doublette of the orange-cardinal Saffron Gin and Orange in Fine de Champagne Cognac. Lime and gum arabic from the acacia tree and finally a sprig of rosemary. The symbol of Love in the lyric poetry of the Middle Ages. The gift for the choosen woman by the Troubadoure. PHOENIX Aged Jamaica Rum, Palm Date Syrup, Sage, Orange Bitters, Elderflower Juice No, not the mythical bird. This one is named after the palm dates, which were cooked for the marvelous syrup by Dirk Becker himself. Matched with the esteemed 12 year old Estate something, some smooth sage leaves, a few dashes of Orange Aromatic Cocktail Bitters and some Super-Organic Super-Elderflower juice. Time to fly, anyways. STEP BY STEP Goslings Black Seal, Braulio, Guignolet, Falernum, Lime A cuvée of Bartenders darlings. As simple as that. Ding. HAZEL BASIL Russian Eau de Vie, Crème de Noistette, Basil, Cream The hazeled variation of liquid inspired Pesto. Frangelico instead of pine nuts, Cream instead of Parmesan and a very strong Olive Oil substitute from neutralized communist spirits. MODEHATTAN Cognac, Balsamic Vinegar Chutney, Aromatic Bitters Il Man Hat Tan di Modena. Brandy from L’Appelation d’Origine Controlée in tha Charente, Cognac. Very Superior Old Pale or even Extra Old. Some especially aged Balsamic Vinegar gained from Trebiano garpes in the region of Modena; Reduced to une crème, known as chutney. And finally a few drops of Aromatic Cocktail Bitters. A unique cuvée inspired by Trinidad and Monaco di Bavaria. Et Paff. TUESDAY 14TH JULY 2009 GALANDER, GROßBEERENSTRASSE 54, BERLIN KREUZBERG BY DIRK BECKER & GONÇALO DE SOUSA MONTEIRO

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